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Art Review | "Rock It" by Bryson Webb

February 13, 2012

Like many cities, Sacramento is proud of its vibrant local art scene. Especially in recent years, local artists have become a major part of the fabric of Sacramento. Original art is frequently featured on the walls of local bars, restaurants, hair salons and coffee shops. I was fortunate enough to meet one of Sacramento’s up-and-coming artists, Bryson Webb, at a networking event held at BarWest, the newest addition to the roster of Sacramento watering holes.  Webb is just 18 years old, and he is already a prolific artist with an impressive artistic philosophy.

A variety of Webb’s pieces were on display throughout the venue, but one in particular caught my eye. Called “Rock It,” this piece outlines a rocket pointed upward and set against a multihued blue sky.  The 48" x 48"acrylic on wood is beautiful and vibrant – a photo really does not do it justice. The use of bright oranges and blues create a beautiful contrast in the piece.  A playful use of puff paint creates the outline of the rocket – my favorite touch.

While looking at this stunning piece, it became clear that this young male artist has something in common with a Made Woman: vision, passion and aspirations.  I had to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the artist and ask him about his work. He told me that he likes to capture a childlike innocence in his art, and that this particular piece symbolized adventure and excitement about the journey ahead. His hope is that others appreciate that idea of escape.

“Rockets are a metaphor for escaping real life. Whether they might be working multiple jobs or going to school, everyone needs to enjoy the adventure of life and the best way I have found is through the eyes of a child,” said Webb.  When I commented on the vibrant contrasting colors in the Rocket piece, he told me that he frequently uses shades of blue to bring a calm and collected feeling to the art.

What I find striking about this particular piece is that it successfully captures this essence of boyhood that Webb talked about, yet it is also visionary and grown up. The idea of a rocket breaking through space and time and going out into the unknown is really symbolic of life itself, and of what it takes to be truly daring. The piece resonated with me because of that fact: What is life if not an exploration of the unknown and an opportunity to take chances and make escapes?
A few of Webb’s other paintings were on display, and dozens of young professionals enjoyed spending the evening mingling and taking in all of the art. It was a great privilege to see this promising young artist in his element. I will be on the lookout for his next great show. If you like what you see as much as I did, be sure to check out for samples of his other imaginative pieces.

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