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February 29, 2012

Living as an actor in LA you are faced with a lot of rejection and disappointment. “No” is a word you hear a lot more than “yes” and sometimes you feel like you should just give up. And if you have to work a job you hate in order to pay the bills it can really take its toll on you. I can say personally that for a while things really started to get to me. Roles I felt sure I had gotten fell through and I was so tired of going to my night job that I had to force myself to walk out the door every day with tears in my eyes. After a bit I decided that I needed to snap out of it. I opened my eyes to the world around me and started seeing the harsh realities other people were dealing with. As I drove to work every day, I would pass at least three people who were homeless. I started thinking about how their lives must be and that I was being pretty lame complaining about mine when I at least had somewhere to live, clean clothes, food…

I began thinking about how I could make others a little bit happier rather than wallowing in my own disappointments. That's when I began to bake cookies and deliver them to people who were living on the street. All I wanted to do was brighten their day but what I found is they usually were the ones brightening mine. Sometimes I would start out in the morning tired and stressed out. I’d be thinking about a role that I didn't book or the money I wish I had or the bigger apartment I wanted to move into or a list of other things I let get to me. After a couple smiling faces, however, it was hard to figure out why I made these things so important and why I was letting them make me so unhappy. The people I met didn't have food to wake up to and they didn't have a bed to fall asleep in at night but I brought them a bit of joy with a couple of cookies. It made me whining about not having enough money seem extremely petty.

By doing this small thing I was able to bring a little happiness into lives of others and I was able to completely change my outlook on life. It made me become a happier person and start truly appreciating what I have as opposed to focusing on the things that I want to have. It made me become a better woman.

Since my cookie days....which I still do, I have started volunteering officially with my church. Recently I helped take a group of underprivileged kids to the beach so they could have a fun day in the sun. Some of these kids never get the chance to even see the beach. I want to spend more of my time helping other people, I want to make their lives a little brighter and the great perk is; I get my life made a little brighter at the same time.

If you need more proof on the power of giving back, I came across a couple ladies online who have touching stories about how volunteering has changed their lives as well. Like Michelle who started volunteering after getting out of an abusive relationship and now credits it with increasing her confidence. Or Lisa who spent time volunteering with children in Honduras and now doesn't take for granted all of the luxuries she has in her life like transportation and clothing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best, "It is one of the beautiful compensations in life, that no man can sincerely help another without helping himself." Giving back to the community with volunteering and outreach usually starts as the desire to help other people. You really want to make a difference in someone’s life or change the world into a better place. I believe that by volunteering you will do these things and more but the biggest change you will see is within yourself and not the people you are trying to help. Maybe it's time for you to start volunteering... It could change your life.

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Day 28: Poetry | We're In This Together http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/250-day-28-poetry-were-in-this-together http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/250-day-28-poetry-were-in-this-together Day 28: Poetry | We're In This Together

February 28, 2012

You ever fear your own greatness
ever become unsure of your ability before you have to perform
ever forget the words to your own song
ever forget a move to your own choreography

You ever believe you're beautiful
then look in the magazine and have a change of mind
ever look in the mirror and swear you are "the man"
then hear her talk about "her man"
and you begin to ask yourself questions

You ever get confident about knowing something
then find out you didn't really know anything at all
ever think about your thinking then suddenly
forget your thought

You ever write the list of things your going to do
then never do them
ever say you’re going to stop something
then tomorrow
you start it all over again

Or what about this…
you ever make a promise
then break it

Swear you’re gonna do better
then you don’t

Do you ever feel the need to stop
that  you too
like the rest of us
are human

This post was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself". Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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Day 27: You Are Enough http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/249-day-27-you-are-enough http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/249-day-27-you-are-enough Day 27: You Are Enough

February 27, 2012

I am constantly battling the syndrome of “Not Enough.” I’m that girl who is juggling bowling pins while balancing spinning plates on her nose and still feels like a slacker. Right now I’m a wife, a daughter and little sister, a best friend, a coach and a blogger, a grad student, a day job worker, and a regular 27-year-old who just wants to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race reruns in her PJs all day long. But for some reason I often get pulled into feeling like I’m not doing “enough.” All of my successes are not “enough.” In short, I am not “enough.”

Does this sound like you at all?

When you boil this syndrome down to its most basic roots, it has everything to do with our definition of success and our drive to compare. When I start thinking that I’m not doing enough, it’s because I start to feel like my efforts are not bringing me “success.” I’m doing all of this stuff but I am not “successful.” Or I’m looking at the people around me and feeling like my success does not match up to their success. But what does success truly mean? Does it mean that I make six figures from coaching, or does it simply mean that I’ve helped one of my clients unlock her passion? Does it mean I have thousands of Twitter followers, or does it mean that something I wrote moved my reader to take the first step toward living a fulfilling life? Success means something completely different for each and every one of us. Success is something that is deeply tied in with your own core values and your own mission in life.

Success is internal.

Karen Walrond has this to say about comparison: “Comparison is a colossal waste of time. You’re comparing your insides to someone else’s outsides.” When I compare myself to one of my peers, I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes of their business. I don’t know how long they’ve been working at it, I don’t know how much money they truly make, I don’t know if the life they’ve created for themselves even lines up with the life I want to create for myself.

So here’s a crazy thought:

What if you were “enough”?

Whatever you are doing, whatever you are feeling right this second is…enough. How does that feel? And how does that change your definition of success?

You are “enough” for everything that needs to be done right now. And you are “enough” because you’ve done so much already.

Your experience is “enough” for right now. Your story is “enough.” Stop beating yourself up for all the things you feel you should have accomplished. And for Pete’s sake, stop comparing yourself to others and putting their stories up on a pedestal.

Focus in on why you are enough precisely as you are this moment. Focus in on what success means to you right now.

Focus in on you.

Let us know what makes you “enough” in the comments.

This article was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself". Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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Day 26: Tools for a Better Life http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/242-day-26-tools-for-a-better-life http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/242-day-26-tools-for-a-better-life Day 26: Tools for a Better Life

February 26, 2012

Better Mind
We’d all love to gain some peace of mind in the midst of our hectic lives. But most of us don’t have the time it takes to unplug. So a web based platform for unwinding may be a good idea for those of us who can’t remember the last time we answered a question without the help of our good friend Google. Getsomeheadspace.com is a service that claims users can gain a calmer, happier mind.  You sign up to receive access to training programs, daily reminders, content, guided meditations, and motivational support. Now if they could just figure out a way email you a group hug…

Healthrally uses social media (and peer pressure) to help you reach your wellness goals. You can use this tool to motivate yourself, a spouse or a friend to reach a personal goal like say… quitting cigarettes. Supporters can also donate money to help encourage friends to reach their goal. This web-based startup  is a fun idea and is getting some serious buzz.

Better Body
This one is crucial. Haven’t you always wished you could have a personal trainer in your back pocket? Now you can with this app called Skimble. You can follow workouts led by expert coaches or track your sports activities with the GPS sports tracker. Use this app and soon you’ll be singing “I’m sexy and I know it.”

There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This body scale by Withings tracks your weight and sends the results via Wi-Fi to your app. You can use this data to create charts and graphs and see the effects of last weekend’s candy binge.

Better Business
Sort of like having a personal assistant, this handy-dandy Brother DS Mobile Document Scanner can scan your documents, business cards and receipts and then digitize and organize them for you. Note: device cannot bring you coffee.

This is a dream come true! The Smart Pen by Livescribe digitally transcribes your notes as you write them. It uses Bluetooth to send them to your computer! Oh, the hours this could have saved me in college…

This article was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself". Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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Day 25: Move Your Body To Improve Your Mood http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/241-day-25-move-your-body-to-improve-your-mood http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/241-day-25-move-your-body-to-improve-your-mood Day 25: Move Your Body To Improve Your Mood

February 25, 2012

Your alarm goes off. You snooze. You could go work out. But, you snooze. When you finally get out of bed you clunk your way to the restroom. “I’ll work out later,” your inside voice says. You go through your daily routine: got to work, suffer work stress headache, take a few quick breaks, sigh, then its quitting time—oh, happy hour… “I need a drink more than I need the gym! I’ll work out tomorrow!” you say. Then, the next day repeats the one before.

All it takes is one morning, when you break that pattern. On that morning, you say “screw snoozing,” you wake up, brush your teeth, pull your hair back, throw on your sporty t-shirt and shorts, lace up the sneaks, and head out the door for your workout—even if it’s only for 30 minutes.
A quickie workout you could squeeze in is this full-body interval workout. Warm up with brisk walking for five minutes. In the last two minutes of your warm-up, throw in some intermittent high knee marching, leg extensions (like a toy soldier), walking on your tip toes—forward and backward, side steps on both sides. After your warm-up, add in some strength exercises: walking lunges, push-ups to side planks (do a push-up, modified if you need to, turn your body to one side while engaging your abs and glutes, and stretch the non-supporting arm to the sky; repeat the push-up and rotate to the other side; do as many as you are able to with good form), power walk for five minutes, repeat the strength exercises, repeat this cycle as your time allows you, and walk it off to cool-down.

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Trust me, you’ll feel better for doing it. And, you’ll be more motivated to do it again in the days to come. Are you skeptical? Let me list the side effects of exercise that might just get you feeling so good you’ll have to do it every day: greater mental sharpness, more energy, strengthened immune system, more pronounced feelings of accomplishment, fewer junk food cravings, brighter skin, lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol panel (lowered bad—LDL & VLDL, and elevated good—HDL), and greater ability to cope with stress. Oh yeah, and your clothes look better on you because you’ll be leaner and fitter.

Hmmm…still not convinced that all of this could happen? Well, I dare you to try it for at least a day, and let me know how you feel after that one day. If you feel good after that one day, then try doing it again, at least, four times per week (they don’t all have to be before work; active weekends are great, too), then let me know if you end up “suffering” from the other side effects I listed for you. Happy exercising!

This article was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself". Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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Day 23: Surviving Setbacks http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/237-day-24-surviving-setbacks http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/237-day-24-surviving-setbacks Day 23: Surviving Setbacks

February 23, 2012

You're a Made Woman. So chances are, you like to have at least a loose plan in place. Get married by 30, go back for your master's within the next couple years, launch your dream business by next summer. Plans are great, right? Right. But at times it can seem like life is laughing at (and then promptly sh*tting on) these seemingly perfect plans. If you're anything like me, you've had many a wrench thrown your way. Sometimes it feels like as soon as you start to gain momentum, yet another issue rears its ugly little head. Maybe you didn't get that promotion you had your eye on. Maybe you made a costly error at work or in your business. Maybe you're going through a tough break up, or even suffered a family tragedy. Whatever the case may be, it's first necessary to realize this: you're not alone! You WILL get past this, and you will be stronger for it. I know from personal experience that your mindset is everything when it comes to overcoming setbacks.  Wondering how I get my mind right? Read on.

Your first thought might be to close all of your blinds, hit up your boys Ben & Jerry, and treat yourself to a good old fashioned pity party. But I'm guessing that won't do much to lift your spirits (or your ass). My advice? Let off some steam! Face the situation head on.  Don't be ashamed to cry if you need to, write an angry letter to your boss (and immediately shred and/or burn it) or go to a kickboxing class. A walk on the beach or somewhere else in nature can also do the trick. Do whatever it takes to get that messed up energy out of your system and get in the frame of mind to move past it.

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Once you've acknowledged the situation, take a look around. Think about how blessed you are to be where you are at this very moment. Chances are, at least a handful of people would gladly trade places with you, tear-stained face and all. Think about all of the once (seemingly) insurmountable hurdles you've left far, far behind you. Remind yourself of your strength, your strong will, your ability to come up with creative solutions to problems. It was you that persevered through a recession and landed your dream job. It was you that mustered up the strength to walk away from that toxic relationship you were in. It was you that cared for a loved-one when he had nobody to turn to. Don't ever forget where you've been, and how those experiences have shaped you. Use these memories to help you re-evaluate where you are and what your next steps will be.

Then, it's simply a matter of moving forward. Take that first step. You may not know where it will lead, but forward motion is always better than being stagnant. I don't know the details on your particular setback, so I can't tell you whether you need to keep working toward that promotion or start looking at other job opportunities. Nor can I tell you if you should start dating again, or just give it some time. I definitely can't give you a step-by-step guide to overcoming a personal loss. But I can tell you this: keep going. Keep working. Keep appreciating the people and the little things around you. Before you know it, the clouds will part and you'll be able to make some sense of it all.  And you'll be able to appreciate the sun that much more.

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Day 21: Not Losing Yourself in a Relationship http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/234-day-21-not-losing-yourself-in-a-relationship http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/234-day-21-not-losing-yourself-in-a-relationship Day 21: Not Losing Yourself in a Relationship

February 21, 2012 

We are all unique creatures who intrinsically crave individuality while also balancing our desire for companionship, love and acceptance.  Often these competing needs pull us in different directions.  Throw in a change in ‘relationship status’ and unfortunately some people let individuality take a back seat.  Without a doubt, long-term relationships call for adjustments and sometimes we can lose sight of who we really are without even realizing it!

When we fall in love and begin a significant relationship, we tend to change our lifestyle to match our mates quicker than we’d like to admit. Maybe it’s happened to you or a friend. It starts with little things, like watching the same movies and eating the same food on a regular basis. Before you know it…*Poof* you disappear. You stop hanging out with friends and family and spend all your time with your new boo. You may even change traits about yourself just to make your significant other happy. And while being in love with someone else is amazing, so too, is loving yourself and preserving what makes you….you.

In the strongest of relationships, both individuals love and respect themselves just as much as they do each other. How can you accomplish this and as a result, not lose yourself in a relationship?

Here are some tips:

Make sure you are with the right person. You shouldn’t be with anyone who doesn’t love you for who you are at your core. Period.  If you have to lose sight of yourself or change drastically to be with a certain person, this isn’t a relationship built on true love. You should be appreciated for your individuality.

Secondly, no matter how awesome your significant other is and how much fun you have together, it is always good to spend some quality time away from them.  Take time to yourself, and also take time to enjoy the company of friends and family riding solo. Having this personal time will help you fully embrace the well-rounded person you are and also help you appreciate your significant other more. This allows you to embrace your own distinct personality and not become the exact same person as your partner.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to maintain some mutually exclusive friends. There is nothing wrong with having your own group to hang out with when you’re not with your partner. These friends are there to listen to you vent, enrich your sense of humor, and be buds in ways your significant other probably doesn’t (and shouldn’t) know how.

Also, remember to celebrate the things that make you who you are.
Take time for self-introspection and identify the things you truly like about yourself and embrace them. Maintain the things you enjoy about yourself and the things that make you happy.   If you liked softball before you started the relationship, you shouldn’t give it up just because your significant other doesn’t play.  If you love video games, don’t be afraid to nerd out in front of him or her. Chances are – those little personality quirks are what made you so attractive to your lover in the first place.

Finally, know thyself. If you don’t know who you are, you could lose yourself with or without someone else.  What makes you unique? What makes you different than your friends? Sometimes it’s difficult to describe yourself, so take a personality test if that helps. Keep focusing on personal development and make sure it’s okay to have different interests than your significant other. Always take the time to appreciate how the little differences you have can compliment your relationship as a whole.

Long-term relationships dominate the majority of our lives. Their tendency to limit our individuality can be successfully avoided with due diligence. Intimacy and individuality can make for wonderful bedfellows, so long as you identify where the distinction between “I” and “us” is in your relationship.

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Day 20: The Power of White Space http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/232-day-20-the-power-of-white-space-giving-yourself-space-to-grow http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/232-day-20-the-power-of-white-space-giving-yourself-space-to-grow Day 20: The Power of White Space

February 20, 2012 

Just Be 

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of goals. I’ve written about making goals and achieving goals and planning, planning, planning on my blog. But there is also something to be said about throwing your plans to the wind and just living. Lately I’ve been feeling over-scheduled and overstressed. It seems like everything I’ve been doing is in order to reach some overarching goal. I have been constantly trying to move forward on something and it’s become exhausting. I realize I have forgotten how it feels to just be. To just wake up and do nothing “productive.” To just laze about in a sunbeam and casually flip through magazines. To wander aimlessly through shops or take naps in the middle of the afternoon.

Sometimes you just need white space.

If you’re anything like me, you may also have a tough time making time for the nothingness in life. You might feel positively guilty when you take the time to watch trashy TV instead of working on your masterpiece. You may be telling yourself that you’ll have all the white space you need once you launch your business or land your dream job. 

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel anxious about taking the time out to relax, because there’s so much work to be done, right? And right now, you need to keep charging full speed ahead to your goals.

Well, that’s a crock of shit. 

You need that white space in order to be productive. You need the time to relax and rejuvenate if you want to be the absolute rock star that you are. If you constantly have your blinders on while working diligently according to your plan, you’re apt to miss out on all the beauty the world has to offer. Or worse, you’ll end up burnt out, overwhelmed and frustrated as all get out.

Creating a White Space habit may seem daunting at first but you can boil it down to 3 simple steps:

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  1. Envision your Ideal Day – Find a quiet space and ruminate on your absolute perfect day from start to finish. Think about the itty bitty, nitty gritty details. The activities that you fill your ideal day with are your White Space elements. How can you work to schedule these elements into your current schedule?
  2. Fight the Resistance – You’re going to feel resistance to this whole idea. That means it’s working! What excuses come to mind when you begin to think about time out for yourself? These are your triggers. The next time any of these excuses pop up, that means it is time for you to take some time out for yourself – even if it is only 15 minutes.
  3. Schedule your White Space – Decide how much of it you want each day and slot it into your calendar. Once the White Space is slotted into your schedule, hold onto that space with your dear life. Be vigilant about your White Space. Do not let anything or anyone - not even yourself - shift your White Space.

Take time out for yourself. Take the time to wander. Explore. Be aimless. Be spontaneous.

Just be. 

Don’t worry about not having enough time. You have enough time. Enjoy it.

This article was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself". Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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Day 19: Poetry | My God My Heart http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/230-day-19-poetry-my-god-my-heart http://www.madewomanmag.com/current/item/230-day-19-poetry-my-god-my-heart Day 19: Poetry | My God My Heart

February 19, 2012

My heart, my heart

a precious thing,

my God, a fragile piece of me

you've placed beneath

a breast plate

of bone, while bones will break

to pay the price when pressed,

and lose the life locked in that breast,

you my Lord, a fortress, remain a source

when I am empty.

A safety for my heart,

I cannot sum the times

you've kept me.

When fear has sought

to lead me from depressed

to disappearing,

tempting to pull me low-like, slowly,

coddling my woes,

distanced me from knowing,

my God, you've held me home,

saved me close.

How could I go beyond you?

Your boundaries, unaccounted for,

my friend, you are eternal,

my father, forever a light you've been,


What is there left to feed me

when you are all in all?

The nourishment encouraging,

again and again I seek thee.

My soul stays full,

my life not left to chance,

beneath my breast plate,

a heart beats out a dance

not one of desperation,

but praise and thanking,

for you are that pledge

that I will not be left a life

worth less than living.

A chosen soul, this I know

for I am already breathing.

A daughter before you,

a human thing, thought broken

and broken, susceptible to wind,

but Lord you have raised me

to be like my father.

Remind me again, thou art

my armor,

behind which fragility

exists to show me my returns

to you be a thing fate-forged.

For this and nothing else

I can love you ever more,

for where my heart resides,

my heart, my Lord, is in yours.

This post was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself." Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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Day 18: Motivational Speeches You'll Never Forget http://www.madewomanmag.com/business/item/228-day-#18-motivational-speeches-youll-never-forget&Itemid=169 http://www.madewomanmag.com/business/item/228-day-#18-motivational-speeches-youll-never-forget&Itemid=169 Day 18: Motivational Speeches You'll Never Forget

February 18, 2012

God bless the great orators of the world. Those who can give insightful speeches that resonate long after the event is over. We love videos of great speeches because on a bad day you can pull one up and remember why you should continue your quest to be MADE. Here are a few of the speeches that hit home for our staff. Check them out!

Steve Jobs- Commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005


Tony Robbins - TED Speech 2006 "Why We Do What We Do"


Sandra Bullock - Academy Award Acceptance Speech 2010  

Neil Pasricha- TED Talk "The 3 A's of Awesome"


Isabel Allende- TED Talks 2007 "Tells Tales of Passion"


J.K. Rowling- Havard Commencement Speech 2008

This post was part of our series "30 Days of Made: Love Yourself." Each day we released updates of videos, poetry, images, and original content, all based on the theme of loving yourself. Click the link to read more!

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