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Fitness Guide | Beach Body Work out

Written by Christine
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August 15, 2011

Aw, yeah….summer vacation! You have worked in base tan sessions and crazy workouts to make your bikinis, halter tops, and strapless dresses look good. Whoa! That’s a lot of work you put in to go on your trip. Looking good in the sun requires a little prep.

Once there, don’t just “let it all go.” Continue looking hot by doing a few moves—you can do them between sips of your mai tai.

1.    Aqua jogging ain’t just for grandma. You can do this in the pool or along the shore. (If at the beach, I recommend you only do this if you know how to swim, since the sand level changes. Also, shells could be hiding in the soft sand, so go early when nobody can catch you wearing goofy aqua socks.) Don’t cheat, get in there to waist level, pull your shoulders back, pump your arms, pick up your knees and GO! Since H2O takes the impact out of running, you can do this everyday.

2.    While on your water run, break it up and boost your metabolism with 20-second intervals: high knee sprints, butt-kickers, side shuffles, bunny hops (deleted comma) and all out sprints. Take on one high intensity drill and aqua jog for a minute to recover, then continue to the next drill of choice.

3.    Soft sand lunges and squats keep your bottom-side looking like it belongs in that Zumba video. Doing these exercises in the sand provides an extra challenge for sculpting your legs and keeping your core strong.

4.    While laying out, work those abs. Planks are great for your whole core: abs, shoulders, muscles in your back and hips. While sunning your back, bring your elbows under your shoulders and peel your chest away from your towel.  Press your navel into your spine while pushing your butt up, and lift your knees off the ground as you push your toes into the sand. Hold for as long as you can stand it.

5.    Back extensions can also be done while sunning. While lying out on your stomach, bring your forearms to either side of you, hands resting in front of your shoulders.  Peel your chest up and away from your towel while keeping your chin down, hips and toes pressed into the sand, and shoulder blades drawing down toward your waist. This exercise will sculpt your back and make you look like you belong on a red carpet when you step out in your halter dress.

6.    Keep your arms and shoulders sculpted with push-ups and triceps dips. Do these in your hotel room before putting on the sunscreen (yes, before sunscreen if you don’t wanna end up slipping to the floor).

Between the exercising, dancing and cocktails, drink LOTS of water to avoid heat exhaustion, bloating, and to make sure your skin continues to glow and glisten. Wish I were there with you!

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Christine Kwok, founder of Balanced Strength, Inc., has 15+ years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry, including a bachelor's in Exercise Physiology and MBA in Healthcare Management. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and an ISCA Master Trainer focused on developing customized total fitness strategies for individuals, communities, and corporations. You can get your very own weekly health reminders from her by texting BSI to 37619. Visit for more information or to contact Christine for further coaching and consultation.

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